Is Mango In The Wild? New Picture of Focus Spotted with Apps List Search (UPDATE)

I’m not sure if this picture is making the rounds or not, but I just received a Flickr link to this photo from a tipster who wished to remain anonymous. From the looks of it, the photo appears to be an in-the-wild shot of the AT&T Samsung Focus possibly running Mango. The picture shows the apps list and now underneath the back button there is a Search button too.

A similar shot was seen in a video uploaded by the Dark Force Team while presenting NoDo on a HD2 which was discovered by WMPowerUser a few days ago.

It’s not unrealistic to believe that Mango is out in the wild at this point. Microsoft’s MIX11 conference is on April 12th and they’re expected to detail the Mango update. This is just my own speculation, but it’s also possible that Microsoft will unleash a release candidate for developers to tinker with before launch. Again, that is just speculation on my own part so take it and everything else here with a grain of salt.

We’ll see in the coming weeks what Microsoft is promising with Mango!

UPDATE: April Fools! Check out the Before picture below for comparison.



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