From Russia with Love: Samsung releases High Fidelity Position app for dead-accurate GPS


In Mother Russia, GPS finds you! Wait, I don’t think I said that one right. Anyway, Samsung just released a very nifty free app for all of its devices that are currently Mango-powered (none officially, but plenty on developer beta/stock RTM). Dubbed High Fidelity Position, the app promises to supercharge your phone’s GPS accuracy through some magic sauce with your phone’s sensors. On top of that the app gives you the ability to tap into Russia’s very own (and very powerful) GLONASS satellite system, the country’s own location-positioning standard.

Interestingly the app isn’t really an app per say. It looks like Microsoft have given manufacturers the blessing to add new entries into the Settings screen of Windows Phone and that’s exactly where High Fidelity Position appears. Just open Settings, pivot over to System if it’s not there already, scroll down to the bottom and then you’ll see it.

When we first heard about the app we checked in the Samsung Zone and obviously expected to find it there, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be for our AT&T Focus. No big deal though, all you have to do is search ‘High Fidelity Position’ in the Marketplace and you’ll find it. Or even easier, just click on the tile below. No pressure. (Reminder: This is Mango only!)

Via: Engadget, MobileTechWorld

   High Fidelity

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