Andy Lees talks LTE, NFC, hardware diversity, and more at AsiaD

Wondering where that random onslaught of AT&T phones came from? Blame Andy Lees, the President of the Windows Phone Division, for showing them off during todays AllThingsD AsiaD conference in Hong Kong, China.

In addition to showing off some shiny new phones for our amusement, Andy Lees also talked a lot about the future of Windows Phone going into 2012. This is my next took note of quite a few hot topics including LTE (coming soon), NFC support (sometime in 2012), and hardware diversity for manufacturers. The latter is arguably the most interesting thanks to Lees revealing that they, “have been building an architecture that allows software vendors and hardware vendors to add their value [...] Some things we will do in 2012 will let us extend that.” When the question arose of whether or not Windows Phone was still too limiting hardware-wise, Lees offered a unique perspective on it:

“What we do is allow OEMs to add, not replace. So they’re extending the platform and that’s a far better strategy than allowing them to rip features out of the platform. That’s not a limitation. And it’s a good way to limit fragmentation.”

We hope you’re right, Mr. Lees. We’re expecting AllThingsD to upload a few video highlights of the event, so we’ll add that once we receive it.

Source: AllThingsD, This is my next

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