Hands-on with the HTC Titan! (Video)

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We told you to come, didn’t we? Friday night’s awesome gdgt Live in Los Angeles event brought all of the latest goods in Windows Phone excellence. Check out our hands-on coverage of the HTC Radar, HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, and the Samsung Focus Flash!

What’s big, beautiful, and just as thin as a Samsung Focus? Why, an HTC Titan of course! While the Titan may be yesterday’s superstar due to some recent, uh…events there’s still plenty of folks who have yet to get their hands on this behemoth of a phone. Like most Ameircans, who will soon be able to pick up a Titan on AT&T and two stockings to make it fit into.

So we’ve established that it’s big, but just what did we think of the handset on the whole? For those opinions and a brief hands-on video you’ll have to jump past the break.

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Let’s start off with the Titan’s beefy specs, the highlight of course being that incredible 4.7-inch Super LCD display. As distracting as that movie theater screen is though, it’s what’s going on inside that is even more impressive: a speedy 1.5 GHz processor, a low-light vanquishing 8-megapixel f/2.2 autofocus camera with dual-LED flash, and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing cam. Of course all of the buttons and ports are as you expect with the trio of capacitive buttons below, the volume controls and camera button on the right-side, the micro-USB input on the left, and finally the headphone jack on top.

Clearly the Titan is aimed to impress the high-end smartphone market, and its dressed to lure you in with its seductive display and then terrify you with its massive size. It’s the Venus Fly Trap of phones. We wouldn’t mind getting eaten though thanks to the Super LCD’s incredible quality, one that closely rivaled my trusty Samsung Focus’s Super AMOLED — supposedly one of the best in the industry. Speaking of the Focus, we should also give credit to HTC for its awe-inspiring thinness of a mere 9.9 millimeters which is about the same as the aforementioned last-gen Samsung handset.

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Heck, we’ll give HTC some more credit for their design work since it’s such a delightful departure from their redundant work in the past. Similar to the Radar, the Titan’s weight in hand is well-balanced and the edges of the body are curved in all the right places, making for an extremely comfortable grip. Of course, that grip may be challenging for the smaller-fingered Windows Phone fans in the crowd, but HTC has done the best they can to minimalize every part of the body to make the Titan as universal of a fit as possible.

There were only a few concerns we had with the device. Of course the size will make it difficult or flat out impossible for some to use the handset, which means they’ll have to “settle” for the Radar when they may not want to. Another issue we want to point out was the non-existent distance between that big screen and those tiny capacitive buttons. We’re worried that in extended use there will be a lot of accidental mistaps here and there, but on the contrary the keys are spaced out quite a bit so as to avoid that. Still it’s a concern worth making a note of.

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The HTC Titan appears to be a pretty satisfying followup to the popular HD7 that finally ditches the same tired designs they’ve been using for years. Bigger is definitely better in this case. Enjoy our brief hands-on video (there was a line of people waiting) and more pictures below. Plus you should drop a few question if you have any in the comments below!

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