Has the HTC Surround been discontinued?

Earlier today we were looking around for the price for an off-contract HTC Surround to compare to Negri Electronics’ $298 deal. To our surprise, we couldn’t find the HTC Surround when we filtered all of AT&T’s devices with the ‘Windows Phone’ filter; we only found the HTC HD7S, the LG Quantum, and the Samsung Focus. We did some digging and found the link that should have taken us to AT&T’s product page for the Surround and instead we saw the statement above which reads:

The HTC Surround (TM) – Gray you’re searching for is no longer available.

We Bing’d around the web some more and found the product page for the device on Telus, AT&T’s Canadian BFF. The page clearly states in its header that the HTC 7 Surround is discontinued there as well.

While it’s hardly surprising to see the Surround go considering that it was probably the weakest Windows Phone offering on AT&T, we are still sad to see it happen. It looks like the days for our beloved first-generation Windows Phones are numbered, but at least there’s hope on the horizon for something better.

Source: AT&T, Telus

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