Nokia announces gorgeous Luna Bluetooth headset, now we just need a Windows Phone to match

Is it weird to call a Bluetooth headset absolutely gorgeous? If it is then darn it, call us weird, because we’re head-over-heels for the striking new Luna headset from Nokia. The hardware consists of two pieces, the headset and the cradle, and together they form a unique pebble-like shape. The earpiece comes in at a petite 5g, while the cradle tips the scale a bit more at 18.3g.

But the Luna isn’t all about looks–this headset continues a recent trend in Nokia’s accessories to include NFC functionality in useful ways. Just “bump” the Luna with an NFC-enabled Nokia handset and you’re all done, just like with their Play 360 Bluetooth speaker. Of course this is still a Bluetooth headset so it will work with just about any phone out there through traditional pairing, which the Luna can assist with by using voice prompts to guide you (which can also be used to alert a user when the battery is running low). Battery life is always a sticky point for Bluetooth devices, but the Luna’s estimated counts are pretty ambitious with an expected talk time of 8 hours and standby time of a whole 60 days when the earpiece is docked in its cradle. Speaking of taking calls, the Luna makes use of Nokia’s “Always Ready” tech which means after the headset is paired with a phone, to answer a call all you need to do is pick up the earpiece from the cradle (and ending a call is done by the opposite).

Beauty and brains — boys, this is the dream. Even the €69 price (about $94 USD) is pretty astounding compared to other high-end headsets which have significantly less cool tech in them. We definitely have added this one on our wishlist for this holiday, and hopefully we’ll get to add a matching Nokia Windows Phone to that list too…

[Editor's Note: We realize this isn't exactly Windows Phone related, but if any of the new Nokia handsets gets NFC we think you'll be glad we brought this up.]

Source: Nokia Conversations, Nokia Accessories


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