4th & Mayor version 3.0 teased in new screenshots

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Any Foursquare addicts in the crowd? Than you’ve probably checked in with 4th & Mayor before, one of the leading Foursquare apps in the Marketplace just behind the official one. With many users clamoring for a Mango-compatible version Jeff Wilcox, the developer of the app and Microsoft’s Development Lead on Windows Phone, has posted a few teasers for version 3.0 of the client.

From left to right: the first photo shows the new Check-In Now deep-linked tile, the second photo displays the live tile customization screen, and the third photo is the new nearby friends map. There’s sadly no release date yet for version 3.0, but Wilcox assured his followers it would be “heading out at some point!”

To try out the free 4th & Mayor right now, click on the tile or Web Marketplace link below.

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