Stephen Elop: Lumias coming to U.S. and China in early 2012, multiple operators, and big marketing push planned

We told you to tune into The Engadget Show as a recorded interview with Stephen Elop was shown where the CEO talked about Windows Phone and their phones, the Lumias. Here’s a few key moments from the talk:

  • Nokia’s plans for U.S. launch: early 2012, multiple carriers, multiple price points, and a big marketing push.
  • Stephen Elop believes that to sell Windows Phone to consumers, “you have to sell the whole experience.” 
  • On the exclusion of NFC and a front-facing camera: Nokia made decisions to remove feature based on various factors like costs, prices, and their internal roadmap for the future.
  • Nokia jointly plan software & hardware plan with Microsoft for Windows Phone, which should give credibility to Tango being “all about Nokia”.
  • Stephen Elop also said the Lumias are coming to China in early 2012 and said that new “provisions” may have to be included to make the phones native to the region.
  • When asked if Nokia will release an official version of their classic Snake game, he replied there is no immediate plan but they do want to push exclusive software so it could happen.

So in summary: Nokia is launching in the U.S. and China in early 2012, they will be advertising these devices a lot, and consumers will have plenty of options. Sounds good to us!

Source: Engadget

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