Video: "Keep Shopping" ad finally puts Windows Phone center stage

Well what do you know: a Microsoft ad that actually features Windows Phone doing something for more than 2 seconds! After being stuck with ads It took long enough, but the 30-second short you see above finally gives some of the spotlight to the smartphone OS we know and love and in particular its excellent OneNote integration with the Office Hub. We don’t really want to spoil the video, but it’s cute and a clever use of the syncing notes solution.

Will it move units off the shelf? Probably not, but we think Microsoft is trying to rebuild some cred with audiences first which this ad should do quite well at. Watch the full ad after the break.

Update: It appears Microsoft has also uploaded a follow-up clip that quickly explains how the OneNote syncing in the ad works. Obviously this won’t air on national TV (it’s too long anyway) but it’s cool to see Microsoft actually explain how they did this so people don’t go on believing it’s “magical”. Video added after the break.

Via: The Verge Forums
Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

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