Black and white HTC Radar spreads holiday cheer on official Windows Phone site (Update)

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Well what do we have here? A white Christmas is what we usually expect to see every year, but a black and white HTC Radar? That’s not something you see everyday. In fact we’ve never seen a black and white Radar until today when we were browsing around the official Windows Phone website. Headlining alongside the other featured links with some snowflake accents to add flavor, this panda edition of HTC’s mid-range effort was referred to as the Radar 4G on T-Mobile which means the still single carrier may begin selling this handset soon. We like it, although a full black option a la the Lumia 710 would have been nicer but we won’t complain about giving some more options. Full screenshot of the panda bear in action on the site after the break.

Update: Daniel Rubino of WPCentral has added some input to this story and has pointed out to us that the Radar is already offered in a black/silver combo (see here). So we were wrong to say that the Radar has never been in offered in black, but there’s clearly some differences here. For one, this device has a white face and for another its T-Mobile branded, which would make it a new choice of color for Americans looking for a subsidized Radar. So is this a Photoshop blunder or a tease at something on the horizon. We honestly have no idea.

Source: Windows Phone

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