Kinectimals pounces on iOS, no longer a Microsoft-exclusive

Microsoft is doing some very aggressive, left-field moves lately and we’ve liked it so far…but this might be a questionable decision in the eyes of many. Tagging along with the official My Xbox Live app for Apple’s popular gadgets comes Kinectimals, which has turned out to be a very very brief exclusive for Windows Phone and Microsoft in general when you factor in the original Xbox 360 game.

The game is available for a myriad of Apple’s devices including the iPad and iPhone for the same $2.99 price as the Windows Phone port, but thankfully left us cool kids alone with our Xbox Live features. Judging on the reaction from many fans over the My Xbox Live app for iOS, we’d imagine this news isn’t going to sit too well with many of you either. But from a business perspective it makes complete sense — it’s almost shocking that Microsoft actually went through with it just because it’s such a rational idea. (Do you think Sony would ever release Gran Turismo for Android, or Nintendo with a Pokemon game for iOS?)

So while we would prefer our exclusives to remain…you know exclusive, we think it’s reasonable to let Microsoft explore new sources of revenue.

Via: Major Nelson (Twitter), The Verge
Source: iTunes

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