Leaked roadmap points to Q2 2012 release for Tango, Q4 2012 for Apollo ‘superphones’

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on what’s passed, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to look forward. WMPoweruser is already gazing into the future thanks to a Windows Phone update roadmap falling right into their laps. The leaked slide appears genuine by sticking to the same language and layout we’ve seen in other public presentations, and the brief description under each OS appears accurate.

The launch software and Mango update make an appearance as expected, but we’re more interested in the talk of Tango and Apollo. Under Tango, which is labeled as a Q2 2012 release, it’s described as “Products with the best prices” which means rumors of an emphasis on the low-end might check out. Moving on to Apollo which is slated for a Q4 2012 roll out, there are several points made including to increase volume, create “superphones”, and an emphasis on business.

Tom Warren of WinRumors claims this chart is “very old” so we recommend a grain of salt to go with those dates for now.

Via: PocketNow
Source: WMPoweruser, @tomwarren

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