Nokia Lumia 800c, Lumia 719 and Champagne spied in tracking lists

Anticipation is slowly building for Nokia’s U.S. launch and their press event at CES 2012 is the most probable stage for its coming out party. So we’ve figured out the place and the time, now all we need is the what — in other words, what devices they plan to announce.

New additions to Elbert Perez’s tracking logs on his site, Occasional Gamer, might be just the clues we need to get our speculating minds going. The charts have revealed a trio of new Nokia models: the Lumia 800c, the Lumia 719, and the Champagne. The latter we’ve heard about before, rumored to be one of Nokia’s first Tango-powered handsets, but the former two are new to us.

The 800c sounds like a carrier-specific version of the letter-less original, most likely the rumored AT&T or Verizon model with LTE. Meanwhile the 719 is a completely new addition and could also be destined for a U.S. carrier — maybe Sprint?

Of course there’s also the expected arrival of the Lumia 900 and the anomaly that is the Lumia 601, so your guess about any of these is as good as ours. Speculation is all we have to go on for now, but January 9th is right around the corner so we won’t have to wait much longer for the answers…

Via: WP Sauce
Source: Occasional Gamer

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