Verizon still hesitant on Windows Phones, cites LTE as a big reason

Wondering why Windows Phone hasn’t taken off quite yet? These things take time as everyone knows, but one possibly major reason for its stalling market share in the U.S. is the halfhearted support from Verizon Wireless, the largest network in the nation. The carrier is perfectly content to plow forward and unleash their army of Droids, RAZRs, Rezounds, and iPhones but when it comes to Windows Phone they clearly want more.

What else could they possibly want to see? It should be obvious: LTE support. Verizon CMO Marni Walden even said as much when he spoke to CNET recently:

“We’ve communicated to Microsoft that LTE is critical to us,” she said. “We need to see a timeline that makes sense if we want to continue to represent them.”

Sounds like Big Red is playing hardball with Microsoft before carrying anymore Windows Phones on the network. From our perspective it seems as though the Trophy was nothing more than lip service from Verizon and now that the platform is starting to gain traction they’re trying to get Microsoft to satisfy its wants. Of course Windows Phone boss Andy Lees has already confirmed LTE support is coming in the near future, but they may have to work faster than that if they want a shot at a good chunk of America’s market.

Speaking of carrier holdouts, where the heck is Sprint in all of this? Seems like the iPhone is pretty much their entire holiday lineup this year…

Source: CNET

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