XBL Wednesday: Hasta La Muerte

It’s Xbox Live Wednesday and do you know what that means? New Xbox Live games for Windows Phone!

This week’s new Xbox Live game is Hasta La Muerte by Pohlm Studio. Can you say exclusivo por Windows Phone? Good, because you won’t be finding this game on any other platform, making it a noteworthy new release. Hasta La Muerte was originally featured all the way back during E3 in June of this year and it definitely made an impression with its unique style and plot. (Bonus points for Mango support out of the gate!) Here is the official description of the game:

Sometimes the living die in large number without explanation. You are an emissary of death. Your mission is to free the souls of the living whose time has come. Hasta La Muerte is a unique game in which the player acts as the Death itself and must seize the soul of those who are ready to leave our world. In case of failure, the human souls shall turn into lost and cursed soul and shall try to send the emissary back in its world. In this 2D arcade/puzzle game, prove your skills through 30+ challenging levels. You will encounter many trials, bosses and enemies and will be aided by “soulpets”, souls which want to support the emissary in his thrilling quest.
- Never before seen beautiful 2D look’n’feel
- Innovative gameplay based on genre classics
- Fast-paced action for everyone
- Find and collect Soulpets and their power to add a whole new strategic dimension to your game!

Hasta La Muerte is available in the Marketplace for $2.99 along with the standard free trial.

Click on the tile or Web Marketplace link below to get the game.

 Hasta La Muerte
Pohlm Studio
$2.99 + Trial
Version 1.0
Web Marketplace

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