AppFlow finally adds Mango support in latest update, new Marketplace regions too

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No you didn’t misread that headline. Team Distinction’s AppFlow, one of the best Marketplace alternative apps ever, has finally gotten Mango’d. In version 2.3 the slick app/games discovery app has implemented the long-requested fast app switching feature which lets users hop to and from the app with little issue.

Besides that little slice of Mango though, AppFlow has also included what could be an even more important feature: support for different Marketplace regions. Upon downloading the update you’ll be informed about the new feature and asked to pick a region. If you ever want to use AppFlow’s powerful curated lists and stats calculations for any other region than your default, you can easily switch it by swiping over to the ‘Info’ pivot and selecting a country from ‘Marketplace’.

All of the same features we fell in love with are still perfectly intact like the aforementioned human curated app lists like “Best Mango Apps” or “Rising Stars”, the extremely useful Stats area in an app page that calculates many interesting facts, and finally the App Discovery feature that lets you quickly sort through thousands of apps to find one similar to one you already enjoy. If you haven’t tried AppFlow yet you owe it to yourself to do so, especially because it’s free. Go get it by clicking on the tile or Marketplace link below.

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Team Distinction
Version 2.3
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