More from CES 2012: the Lumia 900′s display, the Titan II’s camera, and smartphones getting #SmokedByWindowsPhone

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As CES 2012 comes to a close we wanted to bring you a few random bits of news from the show we haven’t mentioned yet. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

  • The Nokia Lumia 900 is impressive in a number of ways, but one of the most exciting parts of the hardware is the one your eyes should be most grateful for. The Verge learned from Nokia that the 900′s 4.3″ ClearBlack AMOLED screen is actually not pentile! Without diving into too much detail, pentile screens have to do with the arrangement of pixels and typically result in a less-than-stellar rendering of text. At the end of the day it means the Lumia 900′s big, bright screen is going to be even more beautiful than you’ll realize. [The Verge
  • Remember that Xbox Live Must Have Games announcement from earlier in the week that unfortunately failed to come with a video? Well an official trailer has finally arrived and it definitely gets us excited for the kickoff in February. We’re keeping an especially close eye on Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Chickens Can’t Fly. Check out the trailer at the link. [Windows Phone Blog]
  • We’re typically in the camp that says “more megapixels = better quality”, but we have a pretty good feeling the HTC Titan II might finally defeat that myth. The beastly 16-megapixel camera found on the equally as daunting smartphone was recently taken for an extended test drive by the crew at PhoneArena and they ended up calling it, “GREAT” (that’s their caps lock, not ours). You can find a full gallery of the impressive photos and even a comparison against a 12-megapixel Canon point-and-shoot at the link. [PhoneArena]
  • We will forever and always love what Mango has done for Windows Phone, but we’d be lying if we weren’t excited for what’s next. MobileTechWorld spotted a press release from digitizer OEM Atmel for their new maXTouch S series of controllers, and interestingly enough it says the parts are all ready to go for “Windows Phone 8″ devices. Before you get skeptical, consider Atmel’s ties to Nokia who provided the digitizer for the Lumia 800 which suggests that maybe the company really does know what it’s talking about. [MobileTechWorld]
  • If you were wondering just what Ben “The PC Guy” Rudolph was up to during CES this week, don’t worry because he was having a blast. At the show him and the Windows Phone crew were running a little competition called #SmokedByWindowsPhone which pit any attendee’s Android / iOS / webOS / etc. powered smartphone in a race to win specific challenges, bragging rights, and a hundred bucks (and maybe even a new Windows Phone too). It turns out Windows Phone beat 88% of the challengers while only three fast smartphone users walked away $100 richer — which is really good! Check out the video of glorious carnage after the break. [Windows Phone Blog]

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