Rumor: Tango to add native Folders, redesigned media controls?

Judging by last year’s timeline, we should begin to expect news about Microsoft’s small update soon and just like 2011 we might be hearing about it at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks. So in the meantime there should be a barrage of rumors to egg on our anticipation, and the Internet has delivered.

My Microsoft Life’s Michael Gillett has heard some new information from his sources about the mysterious Tango update set to hit Windows Phones sometime in the first half of 2012. First of all his sources say that one minor aesthetic change will be the media playback controls, which are being reduced in size based on complaints. Apparently they’re going back to the way the controls were in the first release of Windows Phone with Gillett saying, “the media controls will appear like a notification and therefore take up less space at the top of the screen.”

The second part of his Tango rumor is much more important to users: folders! Taking a cue from a certain popular homebrew project, Microsoft is apparently going to introduce folders into Windows Phone but there’s still a lot of mystery as to how. Gillett says he has not seen the implementation himself and there’s a lot of speculation that it will actually have more in common with Windows 8′s “Grouping” feature where tiles stick to one another and can be labeled.

We have our own concept of what a native folders experience might look like in Tango, which you can check out tomorrow morning. In the meantime though, how do you feel about this duo of rumors? And do you think Tango will see a wide release at all or will it end up on low-end devices only?

Source: My Microsoft Life

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