LG Miracle (Fantasy) flaunting thin profile and bright display in new photos

LG fanboys’ fantasies are about to become reality as more evidence has stacked up for the company’s long-awaited Windows Phone sequel to 2010′s Optimus 7 and Quantum (Optimus 7Q). The rumored Fantasy recently reappeared with a render and a new name, which now goes by LG Miracle. Today GSMArena has snatched accidentally leaked photos and posted them online, offering up an even better tour of the device.

In the photos that appear together above, the left shot shows off the rumored 4-inch NOVA IPS display and the picture on the right shows off the phone’s svelte profile. If we were to guess, we’d say it’s only about 9 or 10 mm thick which is pretty much on par with the thinnest of Windows Phones today. GSMArena also refers to the device as the E740, the same model number that surfaced in WP Bench a few months ago (along with the still-mysterious E950) which adds even more credibility to this device.

What’s still up in the air now is the out-of-place factoid that this device is going to have NFC, and from the pictures and details leaked today we still can’t definitively say if that’s true or not. For more photos go check out the source link below.

Source: GSMArena

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