New features for SkyDrive include desktop syncing, file fetching and a Windows 8 app (Video)

One of the biggest things we’re most looking forward to when it comes to Windows 8 and Windows Phone is the promise of integration. Microsoft has some great products as they stand, but until now they have stood alone and its awesome to see them finally come together as cohesive products. One great example is SkyDrive which only just released a great web client and an even better Windows Phone app.

Today Microsoft has gone on to detail new features for SkyDrive and we’re practically drooling. First up is Windows 8, which is all set to receive its own Metro-style app (seen above) and it rocks some pretty awesome features. One in specific is that you can switch between the Metro ‘files’ system and your SkyDrive, making it very seamless and not just simply a folder inside your computer.

On the other hand in the Windows Explorer, SkyDrive is about to become a folder inside your computer to let you easily sync files to and from just like Dropbox. Not only that but this new SkyDrive feature for Explorer will be available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista users as well, which we’re pretty grateful for. Also included with this Explorer program will be the ability to upload larger files as big as 2 GB, much higher than the current 300 MB limit. This sounds pretty awesome for Windows Phone’s SkyDrive camera roll, which would make it a lot easier to access just snapped photos.

Finally, there’s the promise of “file fetching” from SkyDrive which might just be the coolest feature to be added to the service yet. If you connect your Windows computer to your SkyDrive via the new Explorer program, it will automatically create a remote file setup. That means you can access most of your computer’s files directly from without a hassle. For security, accessing your PC’s files via a different (non-”trusted”) PC will require a two-step authentication login which will include entering a code sent to your phone via text message.

All in all it’s looking like a fantastic upgrade to the service and hopefully we’ll be seeing it sooner rather than later. For a video demonstrating all of the new features, head on past the break.

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