PSA: Hotmail down and out, may affect email syncing (Update 3: Fixed)

Any Hotmail users be pulling their hair out right now? You’re not alone because it looks like many users are facing an outage of the service. It’s gaining steam on Twitter right now and Techie-Buzz reports that its also suffering from failed email syncing on their Windows Phone.

Oddly enough the Windows Live status page shows a sea of green lights, which means Microsoft might not be aware of the issue. Do your part and click on the ‘Report an issue’ button to make sure the Live team sees this. Hopefully things will go back to normal soon enough.

Update: The second we click ‘Publish’ on this article, up comes a new status from Microsoft! See below:

Update 2: It looks like a fix is rolling out right now. We personally have been able to check our inboxes now and Microsoft updated the Live status page with the following message:

We identified a solution to the problem and are working to fix it as quickly as we can.

Update 3: Everything should be A-OK now folks!

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