Smoked by Windows Phone goes from trending topic to ad campaign this week

It looks like Microsoft is finally ready to start advertising Windows Phone…for real this time. According to The Seattle Times, Microsoft is all set to turn #smokedbywindowsphone from trending topic to real life advertising campaign. Here’s what the article describes about the new online series of ads:

This week, the company will launch another such campaign: “Smoked by Windows Phone,” a series of online ads challenging those who use iPhones, Android phones or other mobile devices to beat the speed of a Windows Phone in doing a browser search, sharing with their social network or shooting and posting a photo.

The 12 different digital ads featuring the challenge will run on tech sites as well as the Windows Phone Facebook page through the beginning of April.

As you probably know, Smoked by Windows Phone already took storm of CES 2012 where they won with an 88% victory over competing smartphones. Not only that but Ben “The PC Guy” Rudolph has taken the challenge on the road lately and according to a recent tweet, the record stands tall at 73 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. Check out the original video of the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge after the break.

Source: The Seattle Times

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