SonicJewels removed from Marketplace after trademark complaint by SEGA

Sad news today if you’re a fan of emulators: the great Master System and GameGear emulator, SonicJewels has been pulled from the Marketplace. It turns out SEGA had a bone to pick with the branding and trademarks used for the app, which does blatantly use Sonic seemingly without permission.

The good news is that SonicJewels shouldn’t have too much trouble getting back onto the Marketplace because emulators are permitted by Microsoft’s guidelines. However, it looks like it will come at the cost of the branding, as the developers have begun the search for a new name with the help of their Facebook fans.

It’s no surprise to see SEGA come down on the app like this — after all, they’re selling a Sonic game through the Marketplace right now — but we hope they will back off after the proper corrections have been made. In related news it looks like the team is gearing up to rerelease the previously homebrew-only Wario’s Jewels as a Marketplace app. However they let that news out before SonicJewels was pulled so we might also have to expect a rebranded version instead.

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