Compal plans to ship nearly 4 million Nokia Lumia 610s in Q2, take Tango to the mainstream

Want to know just how serious Nokia is about the Lumia 610? According to a new report, ODM of the device Compal has some pretty big numbers in mind when the device ships sometime in Q2.

A “majority” of the 4 million shipments Compal plans to send out in the next few months will be of the Nokia Lumia 610 which is set to take over several markets around the world. Specific markets have yet to be named, but the Tango-powered handset is speculated to attack in Nokia’s key Asian markets.

Of course shipments don’t equate to sales, but judging by the numbers it looks like Nokia wants to hit markets hard with this one. We’ll see just how many people will want a low-end Tango smartphone in the coming months.

Via: Digitimes

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