First Tango custom ROMs storm the scene for the HD2 and Omnia 7

We know that somewhere in the world, eager hackers can get their hands on future updates even before they are announced. They typically leak from manufacturers who may be testing the code on hardware, but once they’re in the wild they’re ready for a custom ROM. Today has brought with it the first two Tango-based custom ROMs that we know of so far, both courtesy of XDA.

First for the venerable HTC HD2, there’s a new beta version of HD2O© WP7 created by HD2O themselves. The ROM includes support for everything you’d expect but unfortunately the Marketplace has been blocked server-side for now and ROM is also not updateable to future updates, which is why this is labeled as a beta.

The second ROM comes from ceesheim, with the less imaginative name xda-devs Omnia7 Tango. Despite the generic name the cooked goods still have a scrumptious Tango kick to them. However once again this is far from a completed ROM as there are only 4 languages supported for now, no Marketplace access, and a few other minor things aren’t working.

Both of these custom ROMs are based on build 8773.98 which is said to be on its way to manufacturers now. With the hacking scene already ahead of what’s available to the public, hopefully the real Tango update will be available sooner rather than later.

Source: XDA-Developers 1, 2, 3

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