Nokia Lumia 610 strips down for the FCC, user manual reveals new feature

Microsoft seems intent to bring Tango devices to market quickly and reverse the minuscule market share numbers Windows Phone is stuck with. Nokia is hand-in-hand with them in pursuit of that goal and now the Lumia 610 has already made its first regulatory pit stop on the way to its release: the FCC. The full contents of the FCC’s report has come out and there’s plenty of dull external photos, scandalous internal photos, and highly detailed user manual pages to sort through. The pictures also remind us of how slick and slim the device is, as well as its use of the micro-SIM format.

Speaking of that user manual, we spotted a new feature that the Lumia 610 is apparently going to feature upon its release. As you can see in the image above (click to enlarge it), the 610 will include a new flip-to-mute feature which lets you place the device face down on a surface to silence an incoming call. HTC has a similar feature but it goes through their external Attentive Phone application — by contrast this new feature seems to be baked in. This could be a new feature in Tango, but since drivers and accelerometers are involved we have a hunch Nokia has done some under-the-hood work themselves.

The manual goes on to detail features we know are a part of Tango like the new MMS functionality, but that’s pretty much all there is to it. Finally, the device the FCC tested has support for AT&T’s 3G frequencies so you can interpret how significant that is yourselves.

Via: Engadget Mobile
Source: FCC

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