Nokia Lumia 719 pictured, looks surprisingly good

It’s a little weird to say in these days of dual core and quad core superphones, but some of these more budget-conscious phones look great. There was a lot of love towards the Lumia 610 when Nokia announced it a few weeks ago and it looks like they might continue the trend of making attractive, affordable Windows Phones.

Liveside discovered an image of what could be the fifth member of Nokia’s Lumia lineup: the 719. This is not the first we’ve heard of the elusive Lumia, and clearly the device updates the 710 with some of the 610′s design cues. Its evident that the 719 still has physical buttons though, as suggested by the line through the plastic casing just above the back, Start, and search keys.

The device is also said to have a 3.7″ display, 5-megapixel camera, and its headed to North America, South America and Asia. The latter seems like it is getting first dibs on the 719, as the source claimed it would be announced for China Telecom at Nokia’s Chinese launch on March 28th. Interestingly, rumors originally pegged the Lumia 719 as a device headed to Verizon until another rumor claimed that the carrier canceled whatever device they had planned. Who knows if this device is real and why it wasn’t announced at MWC, but we might find out in a few weeks.

Source: Liveside

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