Nokia Lumia 900 does a little BMX biking in Barcelona (Video)

Nokia’s going crazy with promoting their Lumia devices and the latest promotion takes place in the city of Barcelona. The Nokia Connects team ‘challenged’ famed BMX biker James Ivett to test out the white Lumia 900 in and around the city, plus they filmed it. Naturally we see some gratuitous shots of both the gorgeous 4.3-inch polycarbonate slab and Ivett’s impressive skills, so its a win-win. Check out the video after the break.

This is all part of Nokia Connect’s “Trial” program. If you have a cool idea that involves a Nokia Lumia device, you can apply to get a device to try out and they might even make a promotional video showing your idea in action. Visit Nokia Connects to fill out an application and tell them your idea.

Via: Nokia (Twitter)

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