Rumor: All Windows Phones will get Apollo, Tango update situation is "muddy" and more juicy rumors

One of our favorite rumormongers MS Nerd is apparently retiring from teasing the world with hot new details about Microsoft’s plans. Their track record has been impeccable in the past, especially with Windows Phone so naturally we’re going to miss such a vital source of new information. Luckily MS Nerd decided to have a proper send off with one big IAMA on Reddit, answering hot topic questions from the community.

One of the most important revelations about Windows Phone was about Apollo. MS Nerd confidently claims that all current devices will be receiving “a subset” of the update, which likely means some features will be cut depending on the age of the device. Then the same user wanted to know more about Tango’s update path, to which MS Nerd responded that the situation is “muddy at best” so it’s unclear if all devices will be receiving it. Windows Phone 8 is also said to be much more ‘open’, with the specific example given that Nokia will be able to tweak hardware drivers for the camera, antenna, battery, et al.

There’s been more information divulged throughout the Reddit thread, so we’ll quickly go through the highlights:

  • A subset of WinRT will be introduced in Windows Phone 8; XNA and Silverlight will stick around.
  • Microsoft is aiming to get Windows Phone between 10 and 20% market share next year.
  • There are no plans for an acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft’s commitment to Windows Phone: “In it no matter what the cost.”
  • “Expect to see more cross-platform services [from Microsoft], especially for iOS.”
  • Microsoft Points could be gone as early as this holiday season.
  • Response to a question about Zune: “RIP.”

That’s mostly it for now. Based on past experiences covering his/her rumors, we’re willing to put stock into all of this MS nerd-certified intel. It all seems to be logical at the very least, so how do you feel about some of this information? If true, would you agree with the decisions Microsoft is making with Windows Phone and the entire Windows ecosystem?

Source: Reddit

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