Rumor: ZTE Mimosa Windows Phone pictured, drunk with some Tango kick

The weekend before the madness of MWC 2012 ensued, there was a hot little rumor going around that ZTE had plans for a device called the Mimosa, which would be modeled after one of their new top-tier Android phones. The event came and went with no sign of the Mimosa but rather the Orbit, which we assumed were one and the same. According to new information and photos from WPDang however, the Mimosa is alive and waiting to be unleashed against the Nokia Lumia 610.

The ZTE Mimosa is actually a slightly lower-end device than the Orbit, matching its Nokia competition with Tango, an 800 MHz Snapdragon S1 processor, 256 MB of memory, and a screen smaller than the Tania’s 4.3-inch display (though no specific size was mentioned). ZTE is also going to sell interchangeable battery covers alongside the Mimosa as well. A picture showing the device implies that the design DNA shares a lot in common with ZTE’s other Windows Phones but thanks to Tango’s price-slashing specs requirements, the device may only cost the manufacturer about $150 to produce which means the final retail price could be quite low when all is said and done.

WPDang also reveals that the Mimosa has been in the works for some time now, since September 2011 when Microsoft employees met with ZTE in China to flesh out the details behind Tango. They apparently also went into discussions about Apollo and “video lectures” were screened which we’re guessing is the same video that led to the massive Windows Phone 8 leak from earlier in the year. It’s fascinating to hear about ZTE have such intimate talks with Microsoft when from our usual perspective they seem to be a less relevant partner.

There’s no telling if all of these details are true but WPDang has a good track record for rumors so we have a feeling the ZTE Mimosa could appear at Microsoft’s Tango launch in China on March 21st. If it does, it will have some stiff competition to face if the Nokia Lumia 719 tries to steal the limelight, and we can’t wait to see them duke it out.

Update: Upon further observation, the ZTE Mimosa is mostly likely just a CDMA version of the Orbit.

Via: PocketNow, WMPU
Source: WPDang (translated)

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