Tango increases multitasking limit to 8 apps and more new features discovered (Update)

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When the Tango (or the “Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh”) update was announced at MWC a few weeks ago it came with just a twinge of disappointment. Many existing users (including us) had high hopes for features more substantial than just attaching files to messages, but thankfully it looks like there’s more kick to this Tango than we thought.

The obsessive fans over at XDA have poured through the recently released Tango-based custom ROMs and have created a thread to keep track of what’s new. The biggest new feature is an increase in the number of apps you can switch between with the multitasking view, which now has a limit of 8 apps instead of the previous 5. This is a huge feature and it could settle one of our biggest gripes about Mango. It looks like this is possible due to much more optimized software — screenshots from a memory counter app showed a substantial decrease in the overall footprint the system used before. Finally the Messaging hub now also supports MMS delivery receipts and confirmations.

We were hoping Tango would be more NoDo than 7740 and our wishes have been granted. Of course this is probably incomplete and features could change between now and the update’s official release, but we’re pretty confident that most of these tweaks will carry over in the end.

Update: Say it ain’t so! The feature was made for the custom ROM HD2O only. Read more here.

Source: XDA-Developers Forum

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