Apple co-founder enjoys Windows Phone ‘for looks and beauty’, says Android and iOS don’t measure up

Apple has always been considered the design-conscious foil to Microsoft’s mechanical methods, and they practically invented the modern idea of a user interface in computing. So don’t undervalue the weight of an Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s comments about his experience with Windows Phone in an interview with aNewDomainespecially because they’re really overwhelmingly positive.

We just listened through the 7-minute clip (which you can hear at the source link) and it’s a really interesting perspective coming from a former lead engineer of one of Silicon Valley’s most important companies. For those unaware, Steve Wozniak has a reputation for being one of the most open-minded pundits in the world of technology and early in the clip he admits he has about 10 phones in rotation — all various Androids and iPhones — but he’s more enamored with his newest purchase: the Nokia Lumia 900.

Wozniak says that “for looks and beauty” Windows Phone 7.5 beats out Android. He elaborates on this by explaining that Android’s deeply integrated Google services rely on the user already being familiar with how their web counterparts work, which ultimately makes it less intuitive for newcomers. Meanwhile he praises Windows Phone’s Metro interface for its reliance on finger movements rather than on-screen buttons as well as its visual cues that naturally hint to how a user should navigate the software, and he points to the iconic panorama layout as an example of that. He’s also “shocked” that most of the crossplatforms apps he’s seen in Windows Phone are much more beautiful than the ones on other platforms.

The other Steve at Apple still admits to relying on an iPhone more, but he concludes the interview saying that the design’s elegance is as though the late Steve Jobs were “reincarnated” at Microsoft. How’s that for an endorsement of Windows Phone? The audio quality is unfortunately not so great for Woz’s side of the call, but we still recommend you listen to the 7-minute clip at the source link. Between this and the current Apple CEO’s past comments about Microsoft, it looks like Windows Phone may finally be getting the chance it deserves.

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Source: aNewDomain

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