AT&T sending text messages to Lumia 900 owners, confirms upcoming $100 bill credit

Receive a text this evening from AT&T? You might want to check it if you’re a new Nokia Lumia 900 owner, because it’s a confirmation that your $100 bill credit is in the works. Of course this only applies if you managed to pick up the device before April 22nd, so if you bought one later than that don’t expect to receive this message.

We’d heard before from an AT&T sales rep that the text message was going to go out at some point, and judging by the post from WPCentral about it, most owners will probably receive the text tonight. The sales rep told us that the message would be considered as AT&T’s official confirmation of your $100 credit and, as you might be read in the photo above, it should be applied to your bill within 60 days.

Congratulations deal hunters, you just got a flagship smartphone for free!

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