Blueprints could be the best Tumblr app for Windows Phone

Have you been searching for a Tumblr app for Windows Phone that’s actually, you know, good? So have we and at one point it seemed like a hopeless journey — until we spotted Blueprints. The app developed by José H. Arriaga, creator of the popular Stopwatch app, is exactly what any Windows Phone fan wants from the unicorn that is an official Tumblr app.

Blueprints sports a beautiful design that re-purposes the familiar Tumblr interface and fits it into the Metro UI principles effortlessly. That doesn’t even do it justice though, as Blueprints basically look and performs like the native People Hub — that’s how good it is. Even the service’s iconic navy blue background is prevalent throughout the app and in the live tile. Speaking of tiles, the app takes advantage of Mango’s new pin-friendly abilities by letting you pin ‘Compose new post’ as a tile to your start page, as well as any of the blogs you follow. And if any of those blogs happen to post about music or video a lot, Blueprints recognizes the post format and lets you stream that media. That’s especially handy if you follow any artists on Tumblr.

There’s plenty of other small features that really establish Blueprints as a well rounded winner like: Pictures Hub integration under ‘apps’, the ability to save Tumblr photos to your device, sharing links through the native social network feature, and even the ability to search for a song in the Marketplace from an audio post. Blueprints is being treated as a public beta right now with the promise of frequent updates over its lifespan. The app is available for $0.99 with full functionality or as a free trial which is read-only.  If you’re a Tumblr fan, download it. Now.

by José H. Arriaga
Version: 0.1
Price: $0.99
Trial: Yes

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