Chrync effortlessly syncs Google Chrome bookmarks and sessions to your Windows Phone

One common complaint against Windows Phone heard quite often is that the software just doesn’t compare to Android in terms of supporting Google’s services. There’s obviously a reason for that, but some argue it still doesn’t excuse the platform from at least providing the tools necessary to add the support. That’s true and developers have answered the call with apps like Chrync.

Created by Damian Mehers, Chrync is an app that uses a native sync method to bring over Google Chrome bookmarks and browser tabs to your Windows Phone. The benefit of this native method is that unlike many other apps, Chrync doesn’t require the hit-or-miss setup of a Chrome extension instead relying fully on Google’s own servers. In other words, the app syncs your content exactly how the desktop Chrome browser would making it a reliable technique to get all of those singing cat YouTube links on to your phone with ease.

Chrync is available as a $0.99 full version as well as an unlimited free trial that will occasionally prompt you to buy the full version. Whichever one you pick, all you have to do is to visit the app in the Marketplace is to click on the tile or link below.

More Info: Damian’s Blog

by Atadore SARL
Version: 1.0
Price: $0.99
Trial: Yes

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