Flud 2.0 for Windows Phone now available, makes reading the news more social than ever

We’ve been eagerly waiting for Flud 2.0 to hit Windows Phone and as promised, the social news reader has now arrived in full on the operating system. The app actually appeared several days earlier but it looks like that was a mistake — in any case, the official Flud team is talking publicly about the app today and there’s plenty to rave about.

For those unacquainted with this unique little service, Flud is basically a social network for reading the news. You create a Flud account and from there you basically just use the app as your news reader. If you find something you like, you can ‘Flud It’ which lets you share the article with any of your followers and its aggregated within the entire Flud community. If you don’t already follow a lot of news sources (like this nerdy blogger does) then Flud is also an excellent resource to finding a source you like thanks to weekly recommendations, the Most Fluded articles, and of course the Activity Feed of what people you follow are reading. There’s also the ability to save articles with the Reading List as well as connecting to your Google Reader account.

We’ve been messing around with Flud since it popped up late last week and we’ve been very impressed so far with its design. Made by Rabbit has done a stupendous job translating the look and feel of Flud to a Metro layout, and we’re especially in love with the stark yet soft red-on-black contrast. Unfortunately as many user reviews have pointed out so far, the app suffers from some performance issues which we noticed whenever a large number of preview images for articles were trying to be downloaded at once. However beyond that the app runs mostly smooth and its interface alone should be enough to reel in some new users.

Flud 2.0 for Windows Phone is now available in the Marketplace for free. Click on the tile or link below to download it to your device now.

Via: The Official Flud Blog

Developer: Made by Rabbit
Version: 2.0
Price: Free
Trial: n/a

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