Google has ‘no plans’ for a Google Voice app for Windows Phone, expects you to be surprised

Here’s some utterly shocking news: Google doesn’t seem to be interested in supporting Windows Phone with its services. Oh wait, you probably could’ve guessed that based on the YouTube app’s “limitations”, the lack of a Google+ app, and the barely-cutting-it Search app. Regardless, now Google has one more way to disappoint fans of its services who have chosen to use Windows Phone telling CNET that the company has “no plans” for an official app for Google Voice on the platform. However the search giant does offer a glimmer of hope to fans of the admittedly powerful suite of VoIP tools:

“We’re focusing our Google Voice efforts on Android & iOS and don’t have a plan to extend this to the Windows Phone,” Google told me via e-mail, when I asked recently about the lack of support. “This may change if we start to see greater demand from Windows Phone users for Google Voice.”

It’s hardly a surprise anymore to see Google put as little effort into supporting Windows Phone as possible, even as Microsoft claims it would be, “happy to publish additional Google titles” as quoted from a company representative in the same CNET report. Oh well, it’s not like there any other possible alternatives to such a service already available for the platform anyway, right?

Via: Neowin
Source: CNET


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