Magenta Lumia 900 confirmed by Nokia after leak, launch details remain vague

So far the Nokia Lumia 900 comes in Black, Cyan, and glossy White…but what about the proud Magenta fans out there? Apparently those waiting for the color will have their wishes come true as Nokia has confirmed the magenta/pink/fuchsia slab of polycarbonate and glass you see above will be making its way to the market eventually.

The device was first leaked by Finnish online retailer Gigantti only to be subsequently removed from the site. Later on The Verge spoke with Nokia and was able to confirm the color variant’s existence, but was unable to procure a launch date or even which regions it would be available in.

Hopefully folks won’t have to wait long to get their hands on the newest color added to the Lumia rainbow, especially with Mother’s Day coming up in the U.S. soon.

Source: Gigantti (translated), The Verge

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