Manufacturers want more design flexibility in Windows Phone 8, unfortunately not an April Fool’s joke

Instant poll: raise your hands if you’d like manufacturers like Samsung and HTC to be able to design more of the Windows Phone interface. We’ll give you a minute…done? Now if we could see you, we’re pretty sure the hands that were raised are feeling pretty lonely because we all know what happens when OEMs get too much control over software.

In any case, the argument that Windows Phones don’t allow enough software differentiation is still slightly valid and according to Digitimes, manufacturers are expecting to get more input with Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately there’s little else mentioned in the report, just that “handset makers in Taiwan” (guess who!) are urging Microsoft to loosen their grip over Metro.

From what we’ve been able to piece together from Apollo gossip over the last few months, it seems Microsoft will be more accommodating to hardware makers wanting to create a unique software experience.  Earlier in the year rumor had it Microsoft would allow customizable “Lens” apps for manufacturers to create their own camera software, but beyond that we’re unsure how much deeper OEMs will be able to take the knife. In our humble opinion, once Windows 8 invades later this year manufacturers should be a lot less worried about “differentiating” their software.

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Source: Digitimes


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