Microsoft teases announcement for next Monday, what would you do with more free time?

“What would you do with more free time in your day?”

It’s a simple question, but when a company like Microsoft asks that kind of vague question in one of their official blogs we just know something is up. The Windows Phone Blog just published a mysterious post asking the same question above and including a link to a website.

When clicking on that link, your browser is directed to a website titled “Windows Phone Free Time Promotion”. The page itself shows the image above, teasing an announcement for next Monday, April 9th and informing those in Chicago, New York and San Francisco to be on the look out that day.

What could it be? A new marketing campaign? A promotional offer for Lumia 900 buyers? Another stunt akin to the Giant Windows Phone? We don’t know but we’re definitely finding out on Monday so stay tuned!

Via: Windows Phone Blog
Source: Windows Phone Free Time Machine Promotion


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