New method gives interop unlock to all Nokia Lumia 710s

Following shortly after yesterday’s breakthrough for the original pair of Nokia’s Lumia lineup comes word today that there is now a method available that will work for all 710 devices to get that lucrative interop unlock.

The process once again involves the unlocked bootloader found in a Qualcomm ROM which is being distributed and can be flashed to any Lumia 710 with the Nokia Care software suite. In layman terms, the Lumia 710 is being ‘downgraded’ to a firmware that leaves the loophole wide open. However this is not a full unlock similar to a custom ROM — for now this will only give you permission to sideload homebrew apps freely.

As always, we recommend you take caution if you plan to flash your hardware because there is always a risk of malfunction. Read all of the information available at the XDA link below.

Source: XDA-Developers

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