Rumor: Microsoft to hold Apollo-related summit for partners, plans to talk about software customization

Mobility services support in Windows 8 // Image Credit: Building Windows 8

Yesterday the hype and frustration surrounding Windows Phone 8 reached a fever pitch, with different sources reporting different information as fact. While we’re getting sick and tired about hearing of any Apollo update rumors, it looks like the “leaks” of the past few weeks really are building up towards something in the way of the first official announcements.

Netbook News claims to have received a “high level agenda” of a Microsoft summit to be held in the UK, and guess what the topic is apparently going to be? Apollo. The summit is intended for OEMs and carriers, and according to the ascertained agenda, here’s what the event plans to detail about the future software:

  • Apollo Review
  • Windows Phone Schedules and release plans/processes
  • Customization & Differentiation opportunities
  • New Windows Phone 8 application development capabilities
  • What’s new feature review of Apollo
  • Connectivity and APN management
  • Better together with Windows 8

As you may be able to tell, one of the main discussions is going to be focused around ‘customization and differentiation opportunities’, lending credence to the belief that WP8 will in fact be much more flexible in its software to help manufacturers and carriers differentiate from one another. The mention of ‘application development capabilities’ also implies there may be an announcement regarding WinRT support in the software to align future mobile apps with Windows 8 Metro-style ones, although that’s purely speculation on our part.

Adding on to this is a new report from Tom Warren of The Verge, which goes more in-depth about the carrier specific customizations that Apollo may introduce. Their sources say that Microsoft will provide, “integration of Rich Communication Suite-enhanced (RCSe) services directly into Windows Phone 8″ which would is said to allow carriers to add in their own voice calling and messaging services into the People Hub. This capability is also going to extend to VoIP services, which could allow services like Skype and Tango to be treated in exactly the same manner as a the native phone experience. Microsoft is also allegedly opening up the NFC software too, allowing operators to implement their preferred mobile payment services in future devices.

While all of this is intriguing and believable, after last night’s stupidity we recommend taking all of these Windows Phone 8 rumors with a spoonful of salt. Don’t believe anything until Microsoft gets on stage and announces it themselves. We won’t and neither should you.

Source: Netbook News, The Verge

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