Rumor: Nokia Lumia 900 heading to T-Mobile USA?

Note: The Magenta Lumia 900, courtesy of Photoshop

As far s we can tell, the Nokia Lumia 900 is looking like a hit on AT&T and that hype will surely carry on towards the device’s international release. However, what about the rest of the United States? We’re sure there’s plenty of people vying for a delicious polycarbonate slab of Windows Phone, but are likely less willing to change carriers.

According to a new rumor from WMPoweruser, this issue could become void for T-Mobile as fans may finally have a new high-end Windows Phone to look forward to. The fodder for this rumor comes from a T-Mobile sales representative, who “confidently” said that the carrier would be offering the device in the Summer. That’s pretty much all of the basis behind this rumor at the moment and we’re not so inclined to believe everything a sales rep says.

With that said however, it’s logical to connect this gossip with Paul Thurrott’s claims that an improved Nokia Lumia 900 would begin popping up on other carriers in Q3 following the end of AT&T’s exclusivity period. Deals with other carriers may be subject to the Lumia 900′s success on AT&T which is still hazy, but we know there’s plenty of HTC HD7 owners just itching for the carrier to introduce a proper high-end followup into their selection. If T-Mobile did go after the Lumia 900 it would probably be in their best interests…wink.

Via: TmoNews
Source: WMPU

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