Simple trick to get the Windows Phone Marketplace back into Zune

Bummed out that Microsoft decided to pull the plug on the Windows Phone Marketplace in Zune? Recent events have shown there’s a use to keep the software storefront sticking around, and now there’s a new method to bring it back.

WPCentral tipster discovered that, with a simple registry edit in Windows, it’s easy to get the Marketplace back. Here are the steps:

  • Press the Start button in the Windows taskbar and type in “Registry Editor”.
  • Open Registry Editor (or regedit.exe).
  • Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Zune
  • Create KEY: FeaturesOverride
  • Within that new Key, create DWORD: Apps = 1

For those familiar with elementary registry editing, this procedure is a total piece of cake compared to a previous method that required a much more difficult personal server setup. This method should still be treated only as a temporary workaround because Microsoft is most likely going to completely remove the feature in the future. In the meantime though, this should be a serviceable ‘patch’ to get desktop downloads back in working order.

Via: XDA-Developers
Source: WPCentral

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