Skype app requires 512 MB of memory, may not support low-end 7.5 Refresh devices (Update)

The release of the completed Skype app for Windows Phone is an exciting one, as many have been eagerly anticipating the app to arrive. However for some users who may have been planning to pick up a more affordable device, like the Nokia Lumia 610, that excitement is about to become severely diminished.

According to an announcement post on Skype Garage, an official blog about pre-release Skype software, the new app for Windows Phone does not support devices operating with 256 MB of memory. The lack of lower-end hardware support is categorized under ‘Known Issues’ and is described as such:

Device Support: Your Windows Phone requires a minimum of 512MB of memory to install and use Skype.

We’ve contacted Skype’s press team for confirmation, but it does appear to be true and is a troubling revelation. The VoIP service has over 600 million users worldwide and the lack of support for the more affordable hardware aimed at regions where the services’ use is high could be a blow to Microsoft’s plans with device like the aforementioned Nokia Lumia 610 and the ZTE Orbit.

The Skype Garage post also reveals more about what’s been added since the beta (support for toll-free calls without using Skype credit, support for premium subscribers) as well as what is still missing (Bluetooth audio, Skype’s native SMS and voice notes) from the app.

Update: Skype has sent us an official response on the incompatibility — read more here.

Source: Skype Garage

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