Smackdown: HTC Titan II vs. Nokia Lumia 900

It’s Easter Sunday and what better way to celebrate the holiday than by having a special edition of Smackdown. It’s been a while since we’ve thrown two competitors in the ring together to duke it out, but today is a very special occasion. Two new devices have just leaped into the highest ranks of Windows Phone hardware: the HTC Titan II and the Nokia Lumia 900.

In one corner we have HTC’s followup to the Titan, which somehow manages to go even bigger than its predecessor with 4G LTE support and a 16-megapixel camera — the highest of any smartphone available in the United States. But in the other corner we have Nokia’s new flagship and the first U.S. edition of its Lumia lineup, which also has 4G LTE support but undercuts with an amazing $99 on-contract price.

So which one of these new superphones should you pick up? Jump past the break for the full blow-by-blow and find out which one we think is the real winner.

Nokia Lumia 900
HTC Titan II
Processor (CPU)Qualcomm Snapdragon S2Qualcomm Snapdragon S2
CPU Clock Speed1.4 GHz1.5 GHz
Graphics (GPU)Adreno 205Adreno 205
System Memory (RAM)512 MB512 MB
Internal Storage16 GB16 GB
Display4.3” ClearBlack AMOLED4.7” Super LCD
Display Resolution800 x 480800 x 480
Display Pixel Density217 ppi199 ppi
Dimensions (L x W x D)127.8 x 68.5 x 11.5 mm132 x 69 x 13 mm
Weight160 grams147 grams
Camera (Front)1.3 megapixel1.3 megapixel
Camera (Rear)8 MP f/2.2 lens, dual LED flash16 MP f/2.4 lens, dual LED flash
Video Recording720p HD at 30fps720p HD at 30fps
HSPA+ Support?Yes (21.1 Mbps)Yes (Unknown)
4G LTE Support?Yes (AT&T)Yes (AT&T)
Battery1830 mAh Li-Ion1730 mAh Li-Ion
Standby Time (Estimated)Up to 350 hoursUnknown
Talk Time (Estimated)Up to 7 hoursUnknown
Price (contract / off contract)$99.99 / $449.99$199.99 / $549.99

As you can see, both of these amazing Windows Phones are very evenly matched with only a few areas in the hardware where they manage to out-muscle one another. Overall it looks like the Nokia Lumia 900 comes out on top thanks to its sharper display, thinner profile, larger battery, and jaw-dropping low price. With that said however, the HTC Titan II did win in a few key areas with its slightly faster processor, lighter weight, and of course that super-sized 16-megapixel camera.

Before you make your decision we think it would be wise if you check out both in-person first. At the end of the day, personal preference may dictate which of these LTE Windows Phones you end up walking out of the store with. Whichever one you do pick, there’s pretty good odds you won’t be regretting your decision.

Know which one you want to pick? Vote for your favorite in our poll!

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