Stephen Elop says multicore processors "only waste batteries" in smartphones

First time Windows Phone users always seem genuinely surprised when they see just how fast the software operates when it “only” has a single-core processor. The fact of the matter is that Microsoft has married Windows Phone so closely to the hardware, the performance is comparable to that of smartphone packing in more powerful silicon.

Knowing this then should leave no one surprised when Nokia’s CEO touts that their competition isn’t exactly up to snuff with their Lumia lineup. In an interview Stephen Elop was quoted as saying that smartphones with multicore processors “only waste batteries” when it’s apparently evident that single core is enough to get the job done. We’re not sure Elop should be so quick to underrate dual and quad core chipsets when Windows Phone 8 is expected to support them this Fall. Plus there’s the untimely reports of users suffering from battery drain on their new Lumia 900′s, though that may be a non-issue if the impending software update resolves those problems.

Still, Elop isn’t wrong and it just so happens to be the main argument in favor of Windows Phone: optimization. All the gigahertz and cores in the world are great technical feats, but at the end of the day it’s only beneficial if it’s being used to its fullest potential. Hopefully the future of Windows Phone will grow to support more powerful hardware while carrying on that tradition of real-world performance.

Via: BGR, ITProPortal
Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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