Two sources say that all Windows Phones will/won’t upgrade to Apollo, consider us confused

Ready to be confused? The story of Windows Phone 8 has been one shrouded in mystery outside of one pivotal information leak, but the truth for whether or not current devices on the market (1st and 2nd generation) would also receive the has been even harder to predict.

Today two stories have come out claiming the opposite of one another, and the future is looking increasingly more confusing. First a video of a Microsoft evangelist began making the round across the web, and in it he is translated as saying, “all actual devices will get upgrade to the next major version of Windows Phone” (embedded after the break). In the video, he elaborates that by ‘all devices’ he means all devices – dating back to the late 2010 launch of Windows Phone 7 hardware.

Now that information has been cast in doubt by The Verge, who has tapped into one of their sources “close to Microsoft” to reveal conflicting information. In their report, they reveal the following worrisome info (emphasis ours):

Now, a trusted source close to Microsoft tells us [the information in the evangelist video] is absolutely not the case, that instead there will be no upgrade path from Mango to Apollo.

Wait, wha? So instead of all devices being updated or even just Mango hardware, their source claims that none of the Windows Phones available today will be upgraded to WP8. We honestly have a hard time believing that, especially when the Mango Day update rollout was a huge win for Microsoft. We’re also not buying that, if this is true, Nokia and Microsoft would be so willing to throw new Lumia 900 owners under the bus.

So let’s check the tally so far: MS Nerd says yes, Mary Jo Foley says no, a Microsoft evangelist says yesThe Verge says no, and MS Nerd said yes (again). What’s the answer? Your guess is as good as ours…and maybe that’s the point. It’s entirely possible Microsoft has been purposely sending out contradictory information in an effort to keep Apollo under wraps.

While we hope Microsoft will come out with an on-the-record statement about current Windows Phones’ upgrade paths, the recommended course of action is clear: don’t listen to anything until Microsoft confirms it. Sleep easy, folks.

Source: The Verge, WMPoweruser

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