The wait for a Viber app on Windows Phone "is nearly over"

As some may or may not know, we were the first to break news about a Viber app officially coming to Windows Phone. Unfortunately the exact time and date has since blurred with the VoIP service most recently saying the app has faced ‘obstacles’ in its development. Fortunately there’s now a light at the end of the tunnel, as the official Viber app seems to be arriving quite soon.

WMPoweruser received an email from Viber support teasing folks to, “please stay tuned within the following week” for an announcement. In addition to that our original exclusive article’s comments section has seen Viber support answering questions from the community and this is what the most recent comment says:

Yep, the development is nearly over. If all goes right, the first Beta version will be released very soon :)

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So it appears Viber may be launching a public beta program for the app to do some last minute bug squashing before its released to the general public. Any Viber diehards in the crowd excited to see progress being made?

Via: WP7 ConnectWMPU

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