Windows Phone now shortens SkyDrive photo links for Twitter, 126 characters still left to talk about your lamp

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: we’ve just snapped a photo of our desk lamp and want to share it with the world. What do we do? Simple, just share it directly from Windows Phone’s camera app add your message and send it! However before today that was the hard part because SkyDrive would never shorten the URLs to photos, so we’d normally be left with precious few characters left to describe why our lamp is so awesome. But today that issue has evaporated because SkyDrive has just flipped the switch on their custom shortlink domain

Now whenever you share a photo from SkyDrive in your browser or from the camera app on Windows Phone, the link is automatically shortened (see my example tweet above). Our test link only took up about 14 characters, which means we still get about 126 more spaces to complete our latest useless contribution to society. Huzzah!

The new shortlink is just one part of a feature upgrade pack that’s rolled out across SkyDrive today. The service now supports ODF document editing, quick sharing to Twitter, 300 MB file uploads from the browser and of course these new shortlnks.

Via: LiveSide
Source: @SkyDrive 1, 2


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